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Chairman's Message
Mr. Anupam Ghosh

It is with great pleasure and a sense of satisfaction that we have concluded yet another year of encouraging results. Despite competition & difficult conditions, Anondita Healthcare has strived to supersede its previous records of highest sales. We have concluded 2019 with an outstanding performance. These results are further a source of encouragement and indicative of the future growth prospects of our company. I am proud to announce that we are the only small scale industry in North India manufacturing "Condom & Surgical Gloves" (Enclose Copy of SSI Link). We have been regularly supplying surgical gloves to Government of Delhi, Rajasthan, army hospitals and Condom to all states of India through central government. As an SSI we have worked with less overheads and less capital investment vis a vis our competitors, yet we have been privileged with full orders so much so that we have increased our capacity this year and propose to double our sales for which we have procured additional orders also from states like Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Tasting success through our acceptance and continued patronage through all these years among Government departments and domestic pharma majors we winged our aspirations and reached international destinations with our opulence of international standards, research & development, modernisation and stringent quality control. A pathbreaking contribution by our team is the successful research and development of female condoms. These condoms not only have high demand in international markets but also yield high profit margins. Over the years we have equally strengthened our brand building projecting to take but the second position only. Our efforts in providing safety and quality with affordability has ensured our Condom brand ‘COBRA” as having the maximum share in North India. This distinction has been identified and publicised by none other than the country’s most prestigious newspaper The Economic Times.